5 reasons to switch to vaping

 5 reasons to switch to vaping

You are currently smoking and wish to stop by switching to vaping? But perhaps you’re still hesitating if you’ve experienced some coughing fits after trying some of your friends’ e-cigarettes.

5 reasons to switch to vaping

You’ve reached the perfect place! Here below are 5 good reasons to switch to vaping:

1. Your health

Health is generally the first motivating factor for smokers who wish to stop. Studies have proven that vaping is far less harmful than smoking. One smoker out of two will die from a tobacco-related disease. On the contrary, vaping hasn’t killed anybody over the past ten years. 

2. Your money

Vaping can lead to great savings. This depends of course on the quantity of traditional tobacco cigarettes you used to smoke and on your future vaping device, its power, etc. However, vaping is generally speaking less expensive than smoking. And it will be even more interesting as governments around the world are increasing tobacco price. In France, the cigarette pack will reach 10 euros. On the contrary, vaping material prices are decreasing.

3. Your taste

Vaping increases your sense of taste in a two-way fold. First, the mere fact of quitting smoking will increase your taste. But you’ll also have the opportunity to explore a wide range of e-liquid tastes, and you’ll feel like a true explorer of flavors. On the opposite, when you were a smoker, you probably sticked to the same brand.

4. Diversity

Vaping has become an ocean of material and liquids in just a few years. You’ll not get lost because online shops and brick-and-mortar shops have understood the importance of directing and helping their clients. Especially the beginners. In any case, you’ll find there a great source of discoveries and knowledge about the vaping world.

5. The vaping community

Here’s an aspect of vaping that is quite invisible for beginners. The vaping community is very tight, is expanding quickly and enables the whole market to move forward. The community has led to many innovations discovered by chance or by experimentations, such as the fact that we use cotton wicks for vaping today! 

You’ll be able to ask the community for advice, find the answers to your questions or even share a few drinks with fellow vapers! Numerous Facebook groups and discussion forums exist.

Switch to vaping!And what about coughing fits? They simply come from the fact that smoking a cigarette and vaping are different. We actually talked about this in one of our previous articles on direct inhaling

Vaping is easy and safe, both from a material and from an e-liquid standpoint. The new TPD (European Tobacco Products Directive) guarantees it. Finally, if you’re worried about spilling e-liquids on your fingers, it’s not dangerous at all. And as for battery explosions, they are very rare and can easily be avoided.

So Vape On!


Jeremie est journaliste vape depuis plus de 7 ans dans la presse papier et en ligne. Toujours à l’affût des tendances, il a déjà testé des centaines de matériels.

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