Daily smoking causes major impact on lungs

 Daily smoking causes major impact on lungs

If you are smoking on a daily basis, the results of this new study led in the US should make you stop smoking immediately.

Daily smoking causes major impact on lungsW’ve known it for around 10 years. For every cigarette puff, smokers inhale an incredibly high number of toxic products that are harmful for the respiratory system. Thanks to a recent study published by the Cancer Cell review, we learn that daily smoking leads to the development of cancer diseases. Indeed, searchers found out that tobacco weakens the cells that can be found in the organs of the respiratory system.

To come up with these frightening conclusing, they exposed human lung cells to a liquid tobacco product during 15 months. This is similar to a person who has been smoking one to two cigarette packs a day for the past 20 years.

After 10 days, genetic changes in pulmonary cells were witnessed. These mutations have purely and simply destroyed the cells’ defense. Which would significantly increase the risks of developing a tumor.

While a non-smoker has very little risk of developing lung cancer, scientists that conducted this study concluded that the pulmonary cells of a regular smoker do not benefit from any genetic protection anymore. 


Tobacco cessation can reverse the genetic mutations

This is a very reassuring piece of information. These genetic mutations do not impact the DNA. Therefore, when people stop smoking, their risk of developing a cancer is strongly reduced.

Thanks to this study, smokers can therefore hope their health will be protected. If they get rid of smoking once and for all of course. It’s actually relevant to state that the sooner a person stops smoking, the higher the chance the genetic mutations can be reversed.

The study has been of course made in a laboratory. Conditions are therefore not exactly the same as in the body of a smoker. However, the results enable to better understand how healthy cells can turn into cancer cells. Scientists also indicated that there is no way to draw conclusions about vaping from this study.


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