Experiments to get rid of coils

 Experiments to get rid of coils

The vaping world and its millions of fans around the world is a very fertile field. The principles are simple, the calculations are easy and the field is young enough for many inventions to be discovered. During its short history, vaping has experienced several attempts that were more or less successful around coils. The stakes are more than interesting: get rid of coils. Today, we talk about three unsuccessful attempts.

Ceramic Donut

Get rid of coils - Vapin Donuts

Also called Vapin Donut by its inventor Fat Daddy Vapes. It’s actually a ceramic ring that replaces a coil in a rebuildable atomizer.

Its important operating life, the fact that it’s easy to clean and its heating surface superior to any other coil were interesting.

Vapin DonutBut the problem is that Vaping Donuys are extremely long to heat. Too long for the community who chose not to adopt them.

And perhaps this is also due to the fact that some of them exploded. At lease 4 incidents were reported.

Permanent coil

Get rid of coils - Permanent coilsThe Altus RTA CVU seemed like the perfect solution to vape without having to change your coil. Just read the description. A coil protected inside an easy to clean chassis that provides a balanced heat pattern. Unfortunately, it’s extremely hard to place correctly the cotton on this product. And its important heating time was also a major setback. It was however quite sucessful and a few thousand units were sold.

The atomizer with no coil

En finir avec les résistances - Atomiseur sans résistance

We kept the best part for the end with the SX Pure offered by Yihi. Its principle is to integrate a permanent coil directly in the atomizer. You’ll just need to insert the cotton and that’s all.

The problem is that the alloy used, CuAlNi, quickly deteriorates and its conductivity decreases every time you vape. We also talk about a loss of conductor memory.

Atomizer with no coil


This means that you’ll need to regularly change the coil (or the atomizer if the coil is fixed). And Yihi actually only offers a 3-month warranty.

Finally, the best coil is perhaps the Clapton Coil.


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