Are nicotine salts the future of e-liquids?

 Are nicotine salts the future of e-liquids?

Nicotine saltsIf you are a former smoker, it’s highly likely that you are vaping e-liquids that contain nicotine. But do you remember what your first cigarette of the day felt like? The one that made you slightly dizzy? This does not happen with electronic cigarettes. It’s because tobacco leaves contain nicotine salts, while e-liquids simply use nicotine called « free base », in its most simply molecular form.

The consequences of that difference is that the nicotine delivered by electronic cigarettes diffuses more slowly. And this is why many vapers still smoke from time to time. Or at least feel like smoking.

Are nicotine salts the future of e-liquids?

High nicotine salts content 

Technology is evolving. Some manufacturers now offer e-liquids that contain nicotine salts. The aim is quite simple: they want to reproduce the effect of cigarette smoking with little vapor and nicotine delivered fast. We can find for example e-liquids with a 60mg nicotine content designed to vape around 5 to 8 watts.

The key ingredient that made these new e-liquids possible is benzoic acid. Even though it’s not harmful for your health if you ingest it, there are no studies about inhaling it. It’s thus hard to say whether inhaling benzoic acid on the long term is dangerous. However, it seems that vaping these liquids is still less harmful than smoking. Here are some of the brands that offer these kind of products if you have the appropriate material:Mr Salt-E, Dr. Salt, Salt Nix, Airship Nicsalt, Element NS20, Solace. Nude Nicotine, also sells base with nicotine salts.


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