Current State of the Vaping Market in France

 Current State of the Vaping Market in France

french-marketStarting October 1st, 2017, vaping will be forbidden in workplaces across France, with fines up to 150 euros. The measure was implemented in the midst of a high-growth period for the market which is developing a solid infrastructure.

E-cigarette users may have to change their vaping routine starting October 1st. Vaping will be forbidden in office spaces, in public transport, and in any school establishment. Regarding the workplace, only employees with private offices will be able to vape behind closed doors. Open-space workers will have to wait until their coffee break.

Company managers will be tasked with informing their employees. To this effect, they are expected to post clearly visible information posters, and will be liable to pay a 450-euro fine in case of non-compliance.

Strong market growth in France

france growthAccording to a recent Xerfi study, the French market is represented by 1.2 million daily e-cigarette users. Some professionals in the sector estimate the number is closer to 2 million.

These figures were no doubt bolstered by recent neutral cigarette packaging regulations and the government plans to raise cigarette prices by 3 euros by 2020. Cigarette prices are expected to rise dramatically in 2017.

Alongside these developments, the establishment of the Fivape federation and the Paris Vapexpo are sure signs that professionals in the e-cigarette and nicotined e-liquid sector are getting organised.

The number of vape shops in France is showing signs of decline, however, falling from 2,830 in 2016 to 2,243 in 2017 (Xerfi).

As a result, Tobacco corporations are getting their foot in the door, creating products for distribution among traditional cigarette vendors.

The French market is notable for having a comparatively strong e-liquid production infrastructure, with a huge range of flavours available. A number of them are creating their own e-liquid cocktails at home, adjusting nicotine levels as needed. A clever way to circumvent the recent local regulations that forbid the sale of any e-liquid larger than 10ml.

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