The US FDA’s “Vape Inspector”

 The US FDA’s “Vape Inspector”


With the latest regulations on vaping across the country, new inspection protocols are being implemented. The FDA intends to make sure American vaping professionals are in compliance with these new measures, in particular regarding new vape products.

A new law for vaping product registration is about to roll out across the USA.
From October 12th, all electronic cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers will have to register their new products with the FDA. This measure is relevant to all specialised businesses if products are modified in any way on-site. This does not however concern shops that focus on product repair.

Manufacturers abroad will be spared this new registration requirement. However, all American e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers will be have to comply. For products produced before August 8th 2016, manufacturers will be liable to pay a fine if they have not registered with the FDA. In case of non-compliance, products can be seized and manufacturers fined up to 250 000 dollars.

The world’s first “Vape Inspector”

fda vape inspectorInspections are to be carried out in the USA to ensure regulations are being followed to the letter. The FDA has issued communications to recruit inspectors to ensure local companies remain in line with the legal framework. The job offer regards persons responsible for inspecting company premises and manufacturing installations.

These new agents will be tasked with inspecting production as well as commercial infrastructure, to check that all products designed therein have been registered. These “vape inspectors” will be laying down the law for all professionals in the field.

One thing is certain, the FDA is not taking these new regulations lightly: companies will have to comply with regulations, or suffer the consequences which may turn out to be quite expensive.

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