« In November, I’m burying my cigarette addiction »

 « In November, I’m burying my cigarette addiction »

To maximise one’s chances of quitting smoking, Mois Sans Tabac (Tobacco-Free Month) begins on November 1st as it does every year. Funeral Concept recently imagined a tombstone custom-made for smokers, presenting the concept on All Saint’s Day. The message on the model should give you food for thought: “…when I said I was going to quit.”

This is a rather unique tombstone which will no doubt attract the attention of cemetery visitors. The headstone is shaped like an open cigarette pack. Two cigarettes are poking out from the pack, inviting you to smoke them. The engraving features some choice wordplay, dedicated to the “Malbarrée” family, an ironic nod to the Philip Morris brand.

Tobacco-free month

All Saint’s day is the starting line

mois sans tabacThis tombstone is at this stage merely a concept designed by Funeral Concept. The company, hailing from the Vendée region, came up with this promotional/awareness campaign for Mois Sans Tabac, a French initiative to help smokers quit.

The collective challenge of Tobacco-Free Month begins on All Saint’s Day. This is an excellent opportunity to remind ourselves that we are all responsible for our choices. This strong message by Funeral Concept is destined to help us see health awareness and mindfulness are essential.

With Tobacco-Free Month and similar initiatives, users benefit from a support network to help each other stop smoking cigarettes. Funeral Concept specified that they have nothing to gain from this campaign, and that premature deaths due to lung or tongue cancer are tragedies for all involved.  However, they have expressed that in their experience, loved ones can end up dealing with extreme guilt after such an incidence.

While these models are not intended to be commercialised, let us hope that they can encourage smokers to rethink their life choices.
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