Vaping in public becomes illegal in Dubai

In Dubai, it is now illegal to smoke e-cigarettes in public spaces. Shopping malls have been asked to enforce this new ban. Security guards have also been given an additional task: prevent smokers and e-cigarette users from smoking at the main entrance.


The wealthy city in the United Arab Emirates banned smoking in public in 2009. The use of e-cigarettes is now a part of this ban. Officials in Dubai noticed that certain shopping centres not only allowed people to smoke at the building’s entrances, but even allowed e-cigarette users to vape within the buildings themselves. The municipality requires that signs be posted in front of shopping centres. If these signs do not deter smokers from breaking the law, security guards have the right to call the police.


Encourage smokers to stop smoking without being tempted by e-cigarettes

Many shoppers in malls and shopping centres complained about the vapour produced by e-cigarettes. One government source confirms “e-cigarettes are just as bad as tobacco.” In Dubai, the nicotine substitute is not considered a legitimate method of reducing cigarette consumption. Some doctors believe that the e-cigarette is, “A legitimate poison that can only increase heart rate and blood pressure.”

Dubai mall

In addition, the effects of second-hand e-cigarette smoke are not yet known (they are mostly known, however). Certainly, the chemical glycol propylene can irritate the throat, but “passive” vapour has very little effect on second-hand smokers. As a precaution, however, Dubai has banned use of the e-cigarette. The objective is to discourage smokers from turning towards e-cigarettes as a method to quit cigarettes.

As a result, anyone who visits the Emirates may have his or her e-cigarette equipment seized at the airport.


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