5 myths about vaping

 5 myths about vaping

Given their young age and certain unanswered questions, vaping remains an easy target for myths and conspiracy theories. Here are five of the most common ones:

vaping fake news

Second-hand vaping

The notion of second-hand vaping, which so many critics wish existed, is hypothetically harmful to an e-cigarette smoker’s entourage. However, a recent study has suggested the opposite. The study concludes that there is “no significant difference in average weekly particle diffusion between the 43 homes that reported e-cigarette use and those that did not.” In other words, air quality in homes where e-cigarettes are used is just as safe as the air outside.

E-cigarettes increase cancer risk

As an alternative to cigarettes, e-cigarettes are more likely to reduce the risk of cancer. The chemical responsible for this myth has long been known as diacetyl. It is true that this chemical was used in early versions of certain e-liquids because of its buttery taste. However, the amount used was 10 times lower than in a regular cigarette. In any case, since then e-liquid manufacturers have stopped using diacetyl in their recipes. This is nothing more than a historical anecdote, especially in Europe due to TPD regulations.

Nicotine is bad for your health

Tobacco combustion is bad for health. Nicotine, on the other hand, may in fact have positive benefits, as seen in treatments prescribed by Doctor Nicotine, whose practice was recently discussed on BlogVape.

Vaping is complicated

They used to be, but they aren’t anymore. Today’s starter kits are easy to use and allow for smokers to consume enough nicotine to legitimately stop smoking cigarettes.

Vaping isn’t reliable

Much like the myth that e-cigarettes are complicated, many people are concerned with reliability. However, the e-cigarette community is large and many people have studied this question. Manufacturers regularly work together with well-known reviewers and designers, resulting in reliable products that don’t leak and are easy to maintain. There will always be an ideal model for each individual’s vaping needs.



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