Vaping for 7 days reduces exposure to carcinogens by 57%

 Vaping for 7 days reduces exposure to carcinogens by 57%

A study conducted by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, has just proven the effectiveness of e-cigarettes. The research proves that after only one week of replacing tobacco with e-cigarettes, exposure to toxic chemicals is reduced by half.

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Carried out by Doctor Maciej Goniewicz, the study is one of the first to clearly determine the differences in health effects between cigarettes and e-cigarettes.  For the experiment, twenty smokers agreed to replace tobacco with e-cigarettes for two weeks.

Before and after the study, an analysis of the smokers’ biomarkers shed light on the concentration of carcinogenic elements in their bodies. The results are undeniable: on average, after just one week, researchers observed a 57% decrease in toxic compounds. This number rose to 64% after two weeks.


A study that could become a historic milestone

The research conducted by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute offers initial, objective evidence that e-cigarettes are much less dangerous than tobacco. In addition to nicotine, traditional cigarettes contain harmful and addictive products such as tar, which is not found in e-cigarettes.

vaperAnother one of the study’s interesting findings: thanks to the e-cigarette, 55% of test subjects did not smoke a tobacco cigarette for fifteen days. This high figure not only seems to demonstrate the effectiveness of e-cigarettes for reducing tobacco consumption, but it also reduces the risk of relapsing, which is great news.

Finally, the results obtained by Doctor Goniewicz’s team are in line with those revealed by an Italian study earlier this year. Amongst the smokers who participated, 61% were able to quit smoking with the help of vaping. Even today, this data could be used by anti-tobacco organizations throughout the world.


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