Fiber Freaks back in business?

 Fiber Freaks back in business?

Fiber FreaksA few days ago, a headline sent ripples throughout the vaping community: Fiber Freaks are back in business. This famed French company specialised in coils and wicks offered unique cellulose-based wicks instead of the usual cotton. The company met a huge success in a very short time before closing last January. Recently, an email announcement by So Smoke stated the company is being resurrected. However, with a wholly new catalogue. The new range of products is focused on flavouring, nicotine boosters, and now CBD boosters, the fully-legal cannabis-extract. The news was surprising to the community, but the company representatives were quick to respond.


Response of Fiber Freaks founder

Florent Draux, founder of the company, issues the following statement:

florent draux

“Hello everyone! Some must have heard, or soon will, that Fiber Freaks is launching new products: boosters, DIY, and CBD. I am in no way behind these new launches. However, these are indeed Fiber Freaks-branded products. I am no longer the owner of Fiber Freaks. The company was ceded to a liquidator who then sold off the brand. So I don’t really have much to say about how the company is being run. If projects develop in which my expertise is valuable, you will be the first to know, and I will always promote the projects I believe in. A good project is one you pour your heart into, dedicate your time to, and feel proud of.”

So it turns out the revamped Fiber Freaks catalogue is a result of the change of ownership. The company is now run by an owner with different priorities. Interestingly, the famed “fiber” in Fiber Freaks is not expected to be in the catalogue. Let’s hope they change their minds about this sooner rather than later.


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