Leonardo DiCaprio, E-Cigarette King of Hollywood

 Leonardo DiCaprio, E-Cigarette King of Hollywood

Leonardo DiCaprio is without a doubt an extraordinary actor. Not only has he managed to win over Hollywood with his talent, but he has also been able to make his voice heard in various fields. A militant ecologist in a country that cares little about the future of the planet, Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the first to use e-cigarettes.


Far from hiding it, this American actor has been outspoken about vaping. Since the very first e-cigarette marketing campaigns, Leonardo DiCaprio could be seen with the device in hand. This may not seem like a big deal now that so many people use e-cigarettes, but in 2009, vaping pre-history, DiCaprio’s attitude was considered provocative and even irresponsible.

A true love for e-cigarettes

DiCaprioSince 2009, the tabloids have been publishing photos of Leonardo DiCaprio smoking an e-cigarette. Many of the images were surprising, as he was vaping while riding his bicycle, suggesting that vaping did not have a negative effect on athletic performance. A few months later, he was photographed in a popular New York restaurant smoking an e-cigarette. This would be unthinkable in this day and age, on account of the much stricter laws regarding vaping in public places.

Since then, the 42 year old actor has appeared at various ceremonies smoking his e-cigarette. In 2014, during the Golden Globes, Leonardo DiCaprio had no problem smoking amongst his peers. It is worth noting that no one around him seemed to be bothered by the vapour.

DiCaprioNonetheless, the American Lung Association formerly condemned the actor’s attitude, citing potential dangers associated with the e-cigarette. This powerful organization that specializes in the fight against tobacco said DiCaprio’s actions may influence young people to copy the star.

In 2016, Dolby Theatre banned the use of e-cigarettes during the Oscars. DiCaprio took home the Oscar for best actor for his role in “The Revenant”. An honour he had to accept without displaying his e-cigarette.

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