USA: new vaping trial set to start after an e-cigarette explodes

 USA: new vaping trial set to start after an e-cigarette explodes

A new trial concerning e-cigarettes is set to take place in the USA. Jesse Turdor is seeking restitution from e-cigarette and vaping product manufacturers. The plaintiff accuses the vape industry of being responsible for serious burns to the face, as well as numerous other injuries he suffered on account of an exploding e-cigarette.


The story begins on January 17 2016. Like most days, Jesse Tudor wanted to vape—and the pieces he was using in his e-cigarette were perfectly legal in the United States. First, he cused an Efest charger to charge his e-cigarette battery—an MXJO 18650—for approximately 10 minutes. After inserting the battery into his Rig Mod V2 device, the e-cigarette literally exploded in his face. Then an odorous smoke that smelled of sulfur quickly began to spread throughout the room.

Within no time, the injured Tudor was transported to the Phoenixville Hospital, where doctors assessed the seriousness of his injuries. The most obvious injuries were first-degree burns on his lips, chin, and right hand. But the plaintiff seeks damages for other trauma: the explosion aggravated a pre-existing heart condition.

In addition, Tudor temporarily suffered from facial numbness, a loss of taste and increased sensitivity to wind and sun. The stress associated with the accident also caused him to lose his hair.


$50 000 in claims for physical and emotional damages  

Tudor has made it clear that he was using his e-cigarette device as intended. He made no modification to the device after purchasing it. Additionally, he made a formal complaint of negligence against the various e-cigarette manufacturers whose products became dangerously defective on the day in question. Indeed, none of the individual parts came with a warning of potential risks.

For the physical and psychological injuries sustained as well as for the material damages to his home, the plaintiff has asked numerous companies for a combined $50,000 in damages. The trial is set to begin in the next few weeks. In 2015, Jennifer Ries came away with a $1.9 million settlement after her e-cigarette exploded.

As more and more people vape, the number of e-cigarette accidents continues to rise. In October 2017, a similar case was reported in France: a young man in Paris was severely burned when his e-cigarette exploded in his pocket.


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