Hawaii: Vaper loses multiple teeth after mechanical mod explodes in his mouth

 Hawaii: Vaper loses multiple teeth after mechanical mod explodes in his mouth

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Another regrettable vaping accident has occurred at Palisades Park in Pearl City, Hawaii. Matt Yamashita, a twenty-five year old basketball lover, just wanted to have a puff before playing pick-up. But as soon as he put the drip tip in his mouth, the device exploded. The young man lost 2 teeth and received 40 stitches. We won’t post the photos, but you can learn more about the incident here.

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I just heard loud ringing in both my ears and I just saw a flash then I was spitting out blood and I was just in shock. My right hand was burning, it was black,” said Yamashita.

So what happened? Apparently, the young man had only been using his new mechanical mod for one week, which he bought at CoilART. As we’ve said before, this type of mod requires serious vaping knowledge and should not be used by amateurs.


The young man had only been vaping for a week

Unfortunately, Yamashita is a beginner e-cigarette user, and the short-circuit risks of the batteries and atomizers of mechanical mods are high. Even tightening the device slightly too much can deform the battery and create a short-circuit.

coilartConsequently, the victim is considering suing CoilART, the manufacturer that he believes is liable for the accident. Yamashita is now waiting a dental implant to repair the damages caused by the explosion. This is not the first incident in Hawaii involving an e-cigarette: in 2014, a woman was injured in Moanalua.

We may never know the true cause of the explosion, but whatever the reason, it is important to always respect basic safety precautions for vaping, especially in regards to batteries and mechanical mods.


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