Johnny Hallyday, also a legend in the world of vaping

 Johnny Hallyday, also a legend in the world of vaping

The rock and roll world is in mourning today. After an exceptional music and film career, Johnny Hallyday passed away on the night of December 5. He died of lung cancer. He had started to cut back on smoking a few years ago and began using the e-cigarette.

Jean Philippe Smet, Johnny’s real name, died at 74, largely due to smoking cigarettes. As Eddy Mitchell said in an interview, “Johnny smokes a lot more than me. He can easily smoke three packs of Gitanes.”    

The rocker had been smoking more tobacco since 2015, but he was nonetheless a vaping fan. “The e-cigarette is fantastic,” he said in an interview. After a lifetime of smoking, he happily adopted the e-cig and even created his own vaping brand.

Johnny Hallyday vape

Johnny Hallyday, e-cigarette fan

e-cig johnny hallydayWhether or not you are a fan of Johnny, the rock star is one of the few artists to publicly speak about the benefits of vaping.He admitted that with the help of the e-cigarette, he felt healthier and in better shape.

However, Johnny Hallyday appeared in Guillaume Canet’s film “Rock’N’Roll,” where he can be seen smoking in secret. When his wife joins him, he pretends to begin using his e-cigarette.

Still, in his later years the most famous musician in France was very vocal about fighting tobacco addiction and the benefits of e-cigarettes. The musician Louis Bertignac first convinced Johnny to try the e-cigarette, proving that the desire to stop smoking cigarettes is connected to powerful social dynamics.

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