Tastr, the e-liquid tester that uses electrical stimulation

 Tastr, the e-liquid tester that uses electrical stimulation

The e-cigarette has proven itself to be revolutionary in the face of traditional cigarettes, helping people to effectively quit smoking. The vaping market continues to grow, offering consumers increasingly innovative products. Whether they are sweet and sour e-liquid flavors or ones that taste like popular cocktails, manufacturers keep coming up with new ideas to help smokers quit traditional cigarettes.

Although specialized vaping stores continue to open and sell a wide range of vaping products, most vaping products are purchased on the Internet. And yet, without being able to test new flavors online, it is often the case that vapers purchase e-liquids online they don’t end up liking. In addition to this kind of disappointment, this scenario also obviously comes at a financial cost.

Hoping to avoid unwanted suprises when purchasing e-liquids, the London Vape Company is currently developing a revolutionary tool: the Tastr! This device would allow future vapers to taste and try e-liquids without in fact possessing them.


Tastr: an innovative technology

Currently in development at the University of Singapore, Tastr is a USB device. It can be connected to a a mobile phone. Thanks to a dedicated app, Tastr allows for the testing of various e-liquids. The process is simple: all you have to do is place the tip of the device in your mouth and select the e-liquids you wish to taste.

For the first time, this digital technology has been applied to vaping. Using contact with the tongue, electrical stimulations are then sent to the brain, allowing you to taste real flavors without need the physical product. Without needing any vapor or nicotine, Tastr calls upon the user’s imagination and senses to make a choice.


For now, Tastr is currently in development and is not yet available on the market. The London Vape Company has called upon users on the Internet to be beta-testers via a sign-up on its website. The estimated retail price will be 250 pounds, or 288 Euros. We will be providing you with all of the latest news, so stay connected to BlogVape!


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