Taiwan: the government planning to ban vaping

Some of the world’s strictest vaping legislation is in force across a number of Asian countries, including Singapore. Now Taïwan is potentially next in line to implement drastic measures for the industry. However, beyond harsh regulations, it appears the country is considering a total ban on electronic cigarettes. The Taiwan Vape Association has been mobilising to initiate negotiations with the government.


Taiwan has a certain reputation for their harsh policies concerning cigarettes and products containing nicotine. The current law on protecting the public from tobacco-related health risks may be amended and expanded. This means the law would cover all vaping products, with or without nicotine.

The executive Yuan, Taiwan’s executive branch, is considering a total ban on vaping products. This would forbid the sale and use of electronic cigarettes across the Taiwanese nation. The government’s argument? Vaping could be a gateway to traditional cigarettes, leading to increased rates of addiction.


The end of the Taiwanese vaping industry?

Currently there are no reliable studies to add weight to this argument. The government is basing its decisions on a study by the Ministry of Health and Well-Being. If Taiwan’s government conclude that vaping is a bridge to tobacco consumption, the law will be amended. This would lead to the end of the electronic cigarette industry in Taiwan.

Lee Chun Hao, president of the Taiwan Vape Association, fears that the law will pass very soon. The amendement would ban all electronic devices that release vapour for inhalation, including the e-cigarette. There would no longer be specialised vape stores in the country, currently numbered at thirty or so. All would have to relocate to nearby countries with more vape-friendly laws such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia or Malaysia.

For the moment, the amendement requested by the Executive Yuan has been passed on to the Legislative Yuan. Expected in the coming weeks, the decision will determine the future of electronic cigarettes in Taiwan. A total ban would significantly impact the Asian e-cig culture and market.



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