Even smoking occasionally is harmful for you

 Even smoking occasionally is harmful for you

cancer cell smokingA new study published in Cancer Cell has just confirmed the negative health effects of tobacco on the lungs.  The study shows clear health changes from as little as ten days of tobacco exposure. The changes appear in our lung cells, predisposing them to cancer.

Even if this study is concerned with regular smokers, it seems utopian to believe that part-time smokers aren’t at risk. Recently, Doctor Richard Russell sought to challenge consumers about tobacco risks, even for part-time smokers. Using evidence from a University of Bristol study, the advisor to the British Lung Foundation reported that one single cigarette reduces life expectancy by eleven minutes.

The British doctor is now calling for common sense. For him, the only healthy option is to never smoke. And for those who have a healthy conscious because they only smoke when out for drinks—people who don’t think of themselves as “real” smokers—it remains preferable to simply stop smoking.

Lungs are effected by each individual cigarette

Regardless of smoking frequency, the health risk of smoking is not insignificant. The primary risk is damage to the lungs and an increased risk of developing infections. And if non-smokers can effectively fight against lung infections, the symptoms are worse for smokers.


In regards to cancer risk, Dr. Russell acknowledges that the risk is lower for part-time smokers. However, it is important not to neglect tobacco’s impact on our DNA. Indeed, cigarettes predispose our cells to cancer risks. A study carried out by researchers at the Welcome Trust’s Sanger Institute further highlighted a significant weakening of cells. This weakening appeared even for people who only smoked 4 to 5 cigarette packs per year.

To discourage smokers from such an unhealthy habit, Dr. Russell has specified that in addition to affecting our lungs and DNA, smoking cigarettes also has a negative impact on our skin. Smoking can cause premature aging by 10 to 20 years, and also multiplies the risk of wrinkles by three.


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