Coming soon: innovations in vaping

 Coming soon: innovations in vaping

Vaping, which first appeared in 2010, has profoundly changed smoking culture. For thousands of smokers, this arguably healthier alternative allowed them to quit traditional cigarettes entirely.


Until recently, innovations in vaping would translate as more colour variety for accessories or original juice flavours. Unknown to most, a range of exciting innovations are just around the corner to help conquer new users… and convince those still on the fence.

E-cig designers and manufacturers are constantly keeping an ear to the ground for user feedback to create better products.


The future of electronic cigarettes in the pipeline

vapingOne key consumer need, relevant to many, is child safety. Indeed, while e-liquids are generally tucked away safely by parents to avoid accidental ingestion, the e-cig is often kept near the user and easy to reach. To avoid children firing up their mum or dad’s e-cig, a vaping device with a highly secure activation process may appear in the not too distant future. To switch it on and fire it up, the user would have to unlock it with a fingerprint scan.

vaping wifiAnother major issue brought up by users: running out of juice! To avoid this, some manufacturers are looking into connected objects with WiFi compatibility that would place an order for e-liquid when you are about to run out. Obviously, the user would have to validate the purchase.

vapeFor those who like to have more than one flavour available when vaping, they need to pack multiple atomisers to avoid mixed flavours on the wick. This may no longer be an issue. The solution? A multi-compartment atomiser, allowing the user to switch juice flavours. Another innovation is waterproof e-cig devices. So you can vape in the rain, or after accidentally dropping it into the toilet…

Finally, the new feature that may convince the most reticent: medicinal e-cigarettes. While some still have doubts as to the health risks of vaping, the appearance of a medically certified vaping device may prove a strong argument. Designed as a pharmaceutical delivery device, you could take a puff on your aspirin-flavoured e-cig.

While there remain controversies and debates on e-cigarettes and their use, the demand is strong, and vaping is here to stay. And it seems the industry is working hard to stay relevant and in tune with consumer needs.



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