Buddha Blues worries: a highly toxic e-liquid

 Buddha Blues worries: a highly toxic e-liquid

Police in the Finistère region have seized an electronic cigarette juice that has proven highly dangerous. Named “Buddha blues”, this e-liquid contains synthetic cannabis molecules known to pose a serious health risk. Four young sellers were arrested for providing this illegal product to the French market.

buddha blues

“Buddha blues” contains a dangerous research chemical that recently appeared in the Brest region. This turquoise e-liquid, available on the online black market via the deep web, has very alarming properties. Indeed, the cocktail can contain up to 95 % of concentrated THC, and is known to cause paralysis, tachycardia and paranoia.

A number of minors at a Brest training centre felt the full brunt of these effects in early December. Rushed to the hospital, a number of them suffered episodes of severe disorientation and symptoms of dementia. Authorities have stated that “Buddha Blues” effects would be comparable to a strong dose of ecstasy.


A “devastating” product

Gilbert Cadiou, at the head of the Finistère narcotics division, believes the public needs to be warned. This powerful e-liquid can be particularly harmful to any user. Totally illegal in France, it is now well-known by police forces. The effects have been described as “instant and terrifying”, with potential serious health ramifications.

buddha blues

Sold as an e-liquid with cannabis-like effects, “Buddha blues” is far more dangerous than cannabis could ever be. The THC concentration, which is the active ingredient causing cannabis’s psychotropic effects, is unnaturally high. Police have arrested the 17-year-old importer and his 3 associated sellers. The vials of e-liquid have yet to be analysed in detail to determine their exact composition.

This headline is an important reminder that vaping enthusiasts must be cautious when choosing their e-liquids. A number of products on the market are sold as having cannabinoid or cannabis-like ingredients, and great care must be taken when considering such products. This includes the notorious “electronic joint” which has been legally available in France since last November. Both the French drug administration (the ANSM) and the Health Ministry have called for prudence and awareness to mitigate risks.


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