Vape professionals debate CBD

 Vape professionals debate CBD

A new type of e-liquid is all the rage right now. It’s called CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, which we recently discussed on BlogVape.  CBD is legal in France if it contains less than 0.2% of THC, in which case it is sold in liquid form and is not considered a drug.


After a tremendous success and an invasion of numerous shops, some professionals are now pointing the finger at CBD. Indeed, two French manufacturers of CBD liquids have just been given a suspended prison sentence.  The verdict was carried out on January 8. The two vape shop company founders were given suspended sentences of 18 months and 15 months, in addition to fines of 10,000 Euros and 5,000 Euros paid to the National Chamber of Pharmacists. It was filed as a civil suit, as the accused company, Kanavape, is charged with selling CBD as a medical drug.


A water shed moment

This event has sparked a major debate. Many people believe that selling a cannabis derivative is not a vape shop’s primary business or responsibility. This is the opinion of Vanessa Delarue (La Vaporeuse), who was interviewed after the broadcast of Vape Wave on LCP. Consequently, more and more shops have stopped selling e-liquids containing CBD. The recent case of Buddha Blues in Brest has only added fuel to the debate.

The majority of vape shop owners are passionate about their work and want to help people to quit smoking. In some sense, this is at odds with the nature of CBD liquids. As a result, certain vape fans are calling for stricter legislation for cannabidiol e-liquids. Many people are afraid of people conflating vape products with CBD, especially as stronger and stronger e-liquids enter the market. From a medical standpoint, there are mixed opinions and as of yet, there is not enough information on CBD and potential for addiction. One thing is clear: we haven’t heard the last of CBD.


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