New Caledonia: a major increase in the price of cigarettes

New Caledonia has the highest rates of tobacco addiction amongst France and all of the French territories. In order to fix this, a major price increase of tobacco has just been enacted. The new measures, intended to encourage consumers to change their smoking habits, could have a major impact on sales.

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On January 4, the new law for the price increase took effect. Certain product prices went up anywhere from 20 to 40%, and health professionals said this was a necessity. New Caledonia is home to 70,000 regular smokers, equivalent to 45% of the population.

Each year, estimates suggest that tobacco is responsible for 200 deaths on the archipelago. Women account for half of these deaths. Health professionals are hoping that the price increases will reduce tobacco consumption, which may in turn save smokers’ lives.

Increased interest in e-cigarettes

As a result of the price increase and in the face of the dangers of tobacco, the e-cigarette may be able to help. Smoking traditional cigarettes involves ingesting over 2000 toxic and harmful substances. The e-cigarette is a much safer option, and could become a tempting alternative for many smokers.

new caledonia

As soon as the price increases took effect, vaping shops saw a rise in sales and new clients. Health professionals are hoping that smokers will try e-cigarettes as a way to curb their tobacco addiction. This method, recognized in certain countries such as the United Kingdom, is becoming more and more recommended by health organizations.

The major price increase of tobacco is intended to stop tobacco addiction in New Caledonia, and smokers may be inclined to turn to a much less toxic product, such as e-cigarettes. Health professionals view the e-cigarette, which involves no combustion, as an effective step towards quitting smoking for good.


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