An American study highlights the benefits of vaping

 An American study highlights the benefits of vaping


A recent study by a team of researchers with New York University has come to light demonstrating the benefits of vaping. E-cigarettes are among the safest nicotine based products, such as gum and patches. Electronic cigarettes were even touted as good for the health of those not able to break their nicotine addiction entirely.

nyuLed by Doctor David Abrams, the study was published online in the Annual Review of Public Health. The conclusions state that vaping is today the best existing method to reduce the number of tobacco-related deaths. It remains the most accessible substitute for smokers, helping them reduce their nicotine consumption.

Thus, switching to electronic cigarettes can “significantly reduce health risks” for those who smoke regularly. In fact, the researchers recommended e-cigs to bolster the success of smoking cessation initiatives. Recognized by a number of health organisations, this approach has proven highly effective in the United Kingdom.

Almost 7 million lives could be saved thanks to vaping

Currently, 16 million Americans are afflicted with a tobacco-related diseases, including cancer and pulmonary issues. Some estimates indicate that cigarettes cause 480 000 premature deaths every year in America. This new study goes a long way to establishing the benefits of e-cigs as smoking cessation substitutes in the public eye.

The study recommends adopting a “risk mitigation” approach. If smokers are not able to quit, then their best option is to switch to less dangerous alternatives. If all smokers in the world switched to e-cigs, this could avoid 6,6 million premature deaths in the next decade. Altogether, this means 86 million years added to the lives of the current smoking population.

Finally, the study concludes with a show of support for the statements of the Food and Drug Administration in July 2017. Traditional cigarettes contain over 70 carcinogenic ingredients. Electronic cigarettes represent a much safer choice for smokers.


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