UK, USA, India: the fight for vape is gaining ground

 UK, USA, India: the fight for vape is gaining ground

In these three countries, multiple initiatives and recent studies have shown support for the electronic cigarette. More and more frequently, vaping is considered a safe and effective product. Consequently, the relationship between the e-cigarette market and public authorities will likely improve in 2018.

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The Vaping Industry Association has asked that Great Britain take advantage of Brexit by abandoning the Tobacco Product Directive. This European decree prohibits the sale and use of e-cigarette liquids with high nicotine content, even though these products can in fact help smokers quit smoking. Numerous vapers are in favour of repealing TPD.

In the United States, a government report analysed all of the fires caused by electronic cigarettes between 2009 and 2016. Despite numerous alarmist articles, there were only 195 cases in eight years. Amongst these cases, only 18 required calling firefighters. The most serious fires were caused by an improper use of e-cigarette batteries.


E-cigarettes are the safest way to quit smoking

cigarette électroniqueA British association has just recognized the benefits of e-cigarettes as a nicotine substitute. Present in the county of Hampshire, the group Quit4Life is offering a 25 Euro coupon to those interested in trying e-cigarettes. Smokers can obtain a starter kit in a specialized shop in hopes of gradually quitting tobacco altogether.

In India, the government recently announced a first step in favour of vaping. Up until now, the country has been hostile towards e-cigarettes, but the federal government has just recognized a study promoting its benefits. Carried out by North Eastern Hills University in Shillong, the report confirms that vaping is a legitimate alternative to tobacco. Compared to cigarettes, “there are only minor health and safety concerns” related to vaping. Nonetheless, certain Indian states still ban e-cigarettes outright, as we highlighted in a recent article.

Recent studies continue to prove that e-cigarettes are safe, and far less dangerous than traditional cigarettes. Such studies are legitimate and important, but they must also be confirmed so that the view of e-cigarettes as a legitimate alternative to cigarettes continues to evolve.


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