Is blowing into the atomizer a wise move?

 Is blowing into the atomizer a wise move?

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You may have seen vapers blowing into the atomizer before inhaling. And if you’re thinking “What a ridiculous idea, you’re supposed to inhale!” it’s time for a quick refresher course.

Indeed, this is not just some trivial technique. As we’ve already mentioned on BlogVape, there are two ways to inhale vapour. There is direct inhalation, like through a large pipe, for example, and then there is indirect inhalation, known as Mouth to Lung (MTL). The latter is similar to the way one smokes a traditional cigarette.

Blowing into the atomizer is only related to direct inhalation. This technique helps increase the temperature of the coil without burning the wick. This was first popularized by cloud chasers. The larger coil-builds effectively require a few seconds of heating before they reach an ideal temperature for vaping. This understandably increases the vapour output.

Consequently, blowing into the atomizer allows the coils to heat up while still allowing for sufficient airflow so that the wick doesn’t burn.

These days, with the trendy Clapton Coil model and other complex coils that can be bought ready to use, blowing into the coil is becoming more and more useful.


Counterattack : Electronic Boxes

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In the mean time, it seems everyone forgot about the vaping hardware manufacturers, who have innovated certain electronic boxes to offer a timed power setting. Consequently, you can now choose to increase the box’s power during the first seconds of heating. This means there’s no longer any need to blow, as the electronics « do it » for you. This is the case with the famous Tesla WYE 200 and its bold colours, an excellent feature that would be a welcome addition to other types of hardware.


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