A road accident caused by vaping

 A road accident caused by vaping

Rapid City, in South Dakota, was the scene of a surprising turn of events. A traffic accident occurred in Rapid City that was said to be caused by vaping at the wheel. While the use of e-cigs is perfectly legal, like most things, it can prove dangerous in certain cases.

A pedestrian was impacted by a vehicle while the driver was vaping. This accident took place on a pedestrian crossing, at the corner of Main street and Mount Rushmore road. Suffering light wounds, the man was treated at the Rapid City regional hospital.

The cause of the accident? The driver was momentarily blinded by the cloud of vapour produced by his device. His thick cloud of vaporized liquid obstructed his vision such that he couldn’t even see the man crossing the road. Thankfully, the victim was not hurt seriously.

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Vaping at the wheel can be subject to a fine

Following the accident, police recognized the fact that currently, vaping while driving is perfectly legal. Still, it is recommended that drivers keep their windows open to avoid fogging up the interior.

In France, it is also legal to vape at the wheel. When it comes to cigarettes, however, it is only forbidden to smoke in the vehicle with a minor present. E-cigs currently represent in a legal grey area in this regard.

Given the lack of clear legislation, it’s up to police authorities to determine if the driver was at fault. “Inappropriate and dangerous conduct” can serve to justify a heavy fine. The law states that the driver’s vision cannot be obstructed. Furthermore, the driver cannot be carrying an object that prevents them from keeping two hands on the wheel.


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