[Test] EGO AIO Eco – Style and Pleasure

 [Test] EGO AIO Eco – Style and Pleasure

The EGO AIO Eco is the latest release from Joyetech. It is an all-in-one electronic cigarette for beginners. At least that’s the idea.


Its lightweight, inspired style and compact dimensions make it pleasant to use. The AIO Eco has very few settings. Airflow and power are fixed (7 watts), and the only adjustable setting is the colour of the tank lighting. The device has seven different colour settings to light up the e-liquid! And while it may only contain 1.2 ml, due to low power usage, the liquid consumption rate of the AIO ECO is greatly reduced. The unique drip-tip that serves as a top cap comes in two versions: a design using a small round hole and the other using an oblong hole to be able to modify airflow. However, only the drip-tip with the round hole comes with the AIO Eco; you will need to buy the second drip-tip separately.

drip tip aio

While Joyetech’s latest addition might not seem particular innovative, ignoring it would be to ignore its most important feature: the possibility to vape higher levels of nicotine.

Using this configuration, or when using nicotine salt, the AIO Eco proves very effective when vaping mouth-to-lung. The limited adjustable settings are compensated by the device’s favourable design. The airflow is suitable and the power (although at the lower end of the spectrum) is what you would expect for a nicotine salt vaping device. In terms of coils, the ECO has two coils of .5 Ohm. Such a low value is not generally useful for this type of e-cigarette, but the liquid output is substantial, allowing for higher VG levels.


Consequently, the AIO Eco could very well find its place on the shelf of a more advanced vapers interested in a different vaping experience. And at less than 20 euros for the device, it would be silly not to try it out.


  • Filling method : Top fill
  • Power : up to 7 watts
  • Drip tip : fixed (with a second option for purchase)
  • Airflow : fixed (connected to the drip-tip)
  • Batterie : 650mAh
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Height: 11.3cm
  • Tank : Pyrex
  • Coils : 0.5 Ohm BFHN Ego Aio ECO
  • Draw: tight
  • Inhalation: mouth-to-lung
  • USB charger : Yes
  • PassThrough : Yes


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