Man suffers third-degree burns after e-cig explosion

 Man suffers third-degree burns after e-cig explosion

A man in San José is recovering from severe burns caused by the explosion of an electronic cigarette in his pocket. Michael Moreno was driving his van, with his three children in the back seat, when he heard a loud noise.


« I heard a loud pop, sounded almost like a firework. And then, immediately, I seen a flame just shoot up from my pants, » Moreno stated.

He added that the only thing in his pocket at the time was the e-cigarette.

Michael Moreno also said: « There was cars around me, so I just put the car on park, opened the door, and hopped out, started taking my clothes off. »


The skin burned off his hand

Moreno explained that his biggest concern was to make sure his children were safe and sound. It was only when trying to put his belt back on that he became aware of the extent of the damage. He realized a large section of skin had been burned off his hand. His leg was also wounded, but not as seriously.

Photos of Moreno’s hand were shared by American television channel KRON4. They show the severity of the burns caused by the exploding vape pen.

Moreno had been vaping for about a year and the device he was using had cost him 140 dollars. He thought that, at that price, he would be paying for one of the safer models on the market.

That may well have been the case, however more often than not electronic cigarette explosions occur due to improper usage. It is impossible to know what exactly caused the explosion in this case, but whatever your experience, always remember to follow basic safety rules with your vaping devices.


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