An Australian radio host defends vaping culture in Minister interview

 An Australian radio host defends vaping culture in Minister interview

E-cigarette enthusiasts are growing uneasy in Australia faced with repressive laws curbing vaping product sales. Interestingly, after senator Cory Bernardi’s media campaign, a number of journalists are taking up the call to arms. During a radio segment on February 23rd this year, the Minister for Health was put in an awkward position.


The interview was broadcast on 2GB, Sydney’s top radio station. During the Sydney Live show, journalist Ben Fordham sat down to talk with Health Minister Brad Hazzard. The matter of banned e-liquids containing nicotine was discussed in depth by the interviewer.

One of the main complaints of the minister’s actions was his disregard of scientific evidence in favour of vaping. The latest report published by Public Health England considers that e-cigarettes are a viable and healthier alternative to help users quit smoking. Still, the minister stuck to the government’s line of reasoning, refusing to accept the benefits of vaping.


The ban on e-liquids containing nicotine is maintained

Brad Hazzard
Brad Hazzard

In addition to the Minister’s poor performance on air, the main issue is that he provides no arguments for his stance on the issue. Australia is the most restrictive country in the world when it comes to e-cigarettes. The government has banned all all e-liquids containing nicotine which could be a vital substitute for smokers trying to quit. 

These measures seem completely illogical to the vaping community in Australia. The Minister for Health wants to restrict access to vaping products, considered a gateway to tobacco products. It has been demonstrated however that a pro-vaping policy would drive down smoking rates.

If Australian politicians and journalists maintain their activism, the situation could evolve. Countries such as the United-Kingdom officially recommend using e-cigs to help heavy smokers change their habits. The fight against tobacco and the promotion of e-cigs should, in a perfect world, go hand in hand.


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