Teenagers prohibited from using e-cigarettes in Alaska

 Teenagers prohibited from using e-cigarettes in Alaska

In the United States, the state of Alaska could prevent young people from vaping. Approved unanimously by the Senate, a bill is in the process of being adopted. The only signature missing is that of Governor Bill Walker. This will mark a new stage in restrictions against e-cigarettes.


American authorities are very suspicious about products containing nicotine. There is particular concern when it comes to young people being exposed to vaping. In this context, the law prohibiting the sale of electronic cigarettes to people under 19 years old is not surprising.

Defended by Senator Gary Stevens, this project wants to keep teenagers away from all products containing nicotine. Indeed, the protection of the youth is a priority for the senator. The e-cigarette and its tasty flavours have been accused of attracting young people towards traditional cigarettes.


E-cigarette dangers—not virtues—in the cross hairs

This radical new measure is not to the liking of “Clear the Air Alaska,” which criticizes senators for not considering e-cigarettes as a legitimate nicotine substitute. The e-cigarette, the association says, is a much less harmful alternative to smoking.

However, members of the Senate are not taking this argument into consideration. For Gary Stevens, there is no evidence that e-cigarettes are safe. There are still too few studies, he says, and many of the studies are contradictory.

Senator Mia Costello pointed to the attractiveness of e-liquids to young people. In 2015, 8% of Alaskan teenagers admitted to recently using an e-cigarette. If the governor ratifies the law, those under 19 will no longer be able to buy vaping products in the state.


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