[TEST] Innokin’s new atomiser, the Ares, a flavour-making machine!

 [TEST] Innokin’s new atomiser, the Ares, a flavour-making machine!


The first thing you do when you start vaping is to imitate a smoking gesture: draw into the mouth, then inhale into the lungs. This is perfect for Ego-type e-cigs that only deliver a few watts. But as soon as you hit the 30 or 40 watt range, this method doesn’t cut it. Increased airflow becomes necessary, which involves direct-to-lung vaping.

This method is the norm today, with entry-level box-kits that are increasingly powerful. Yet, a number of vape enthusiasts and manufacturers are resisting the trend, and want to develop the mouth-to-lung vaping style with ever-improved technology. Mouth to Lung is often abbreviated as MTL and Ares is designed for this type of vaping.


Designed in collaboration with Phil Busardo and Vapingreek, the Ares is a technological marvel. Delivered with a range of spare parts, including an additional tank, the package also includes a bonus: two tools to make your coils. The first is Phil Busardo’s design, which is used to make 2.5 and 3mm micro-coils. The second, not as well known, is signed Dimitri Agrafiotis with Vapingreek. It’s designed to help you make standard coils but with additional spacing between the loops. The tool includes both right-handed and left-handed threading, to allow for use in all atomiser types. But this is just the beginning…


Back to basics

Those who began vaping with Stillare or other Caravella models will remember the delights of these devices. The Ares most definitely brings to mind the flavourful, unctuous vapour they delivered.  Designed for MTL, the Ares delivers its full potential upto the 20 Watt range, but can go a little further as well. Is this necessary, however?

In short, it isn’t, as the Ares is designed to deliver distinct flavours for the refined palate. And this is best achieved with low wattage, when the flavours are deliverd at the right temperature, when the vapour rolls off the tongue. And what flavour!

aresThe attention to detail in the Ares is impressive. It is filled via a “slider” mechanism, pivoting the top cap with a little pressure. This is quite practical when filling yout tank on the go. In any case, the 4ml tank and low consumption rate means you won’t be recharging the tank too often.


Building your coil and mounting it on the deck is simple and user-friendly. At a price point below 40 euros, the Ares is an accessible and very well-designed rebuildable tank atomiser. Don’t miss your chance to try this one out!



  • MTL
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Filling method: Push to Fill
  • Capacity: 4ml
  • Dual or single coil
  • Direct air flow from below the coil
  • Bell chamber for maximum flavour
  • Adjustable airflow (2mm, 1.5mm, 1mm, 0.5mm)
  • 5mm 500 Delrin Drip Tip
  • Gold-plated 510 pin



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