Ivanka Trump, vaping pseudo-scientist

 Ivanka Trump, vaping pseudo-scientist

In the Trump family, while the father may constantly talk himself up, his daughter is putting her best foot forward. After making comments about sexual harassment, which caused quite the controversy, Ivanka Trump published a photo of herself dressed as a chemist. The web went wild.


During a visit to the Waukee Aspiring Professional Experience Learning and Innovation Centre in Iowa, she participated with students in several scientific experiments. The daughter and counsellor of the President of the United States participated in a test designed to measure the levels of nicotine in e-liquid.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to pose in a white coat, gloves, and goggles, Ivanka was hoping to promote the work of Iowa’s infrastructure. She was certainly far from expecting to become the laughingstock of the Internet.


A widely shared and mentioned photo

While some, albeit few, were encouraging, the majority of the comments were derisive. A few examples: “Look at me, I do science,” “Barbie pretends to care about infrastructure and jobs,” and “Me, the scientist.

A few users even used the opportunity to jump on President Trump’s politics. They compared the liquid in her hands to “tears of children without health insurance.” Others criticized Trump’s daughter for pretending to be a scientist while her father is defunding crucial research programs.

By posting this photo, Ivanka Trump was certainly expecting a certain amount of negative comments. But far from shedding light on the student’s research projects, Ivanka unfortunately stole the spotlight. It seems like she is more interesting to Internet users than the level of nicotine in e-liquids!


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