Official list of e-liquids that conform to TPD requirements

 Official list of e-liquids that conform to TPD requirements

We talk about TPD frequently on BlogVape. This European regulation, implemented in 2016, is meant to protect e-cigarette users. Indeed, the regulation forces e-liquid manufacturers to respect specific, universal standards. It is for this reason that nicotine e-liquids are only available in 10 ml bottles.

In addition to these regulations, the placement of a new liquid on the French market must be communicated to ANSES and also pass emission tests.

ansesThe National Agency for Food and Safety, Environment and Labor (ANSES) is a public French institution whose main mission is to evaluate health risks in food, environmental, and work industries. The agency’s purpose is to help inform public decision. ANSES is under the supervision of the Ministries of Health, Agriculture, Environment, Labor and Consumer Affairs.

The agency recently put this list online, designating the various e-liquids that are authorized on the French market.


20 000 e-liquids !

Almost 20,000 e-liquids have already been listed. These include major brands such as D’LICE, V’APE, and Alfaliquid.

This list is a small revolution in the world of vaping. For the first time, e-cigarette users have a reliable tool to help guide their choices. So don’t hesitate to download the list and find some inspiration for your next foray into new types of vaping!


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