Vapril launches in the UK to promote vaping culture

 Vapril launches in the UK to promote vaping culture

The UKVIA association recently declared that April would become the one month a year dedicated to encouraging Brits to change their (bad) smoking habits. A national campaign was launched on April 2nd encouraging smokers to convert to vaping. The objective? To help them find a way to improve their health by dealing with their tobacco addiction.


Cleverly named Vapril, this programme was an initiative of Mark Pawsey. Leader of the multi-party Parliamentary group dedicated to electronic cigarettes, the representative of the city of Rugby hopes that e-cigarettes can gain government support to encourage smokers to quit. To implement the campaign, members of UKVIA sat down with a number of elected officials to discuss their point of view on the subject of vaping

vaprilFor the association, the arguments in favour of vaping are more than enough. In particular, the fact that the technology is proven to be safer than traditional cigarettes. Yet, statistically, only 10% of the British population are aware of this. To optimise the impact of the movement, vape shops have joined forces to raise awareness on the issue.


Objective: reduce smoking rates by encouraging vaping

Mark-PawseyMark Pawsey deplores the fact that electronic cigarettes are considered to be in the same category as traditional smokes. Even in the halls of parliament, politicians are invited to vape outside along with smokers. He hopes that by changing the rules in government instutitions, the rest of the country will follow.

Manager of the Vaping Industry association John Dunne highlighted the fact that it’s important to raise awareness in smoking populations that there exists an alternative. Currently, the United Kingdom is home to 3 million e-cig enthusiasts , half of which managed to quit smoking thanks to electronic substitutes. Vapril will officially end on April 30th and there are still 7 millions people left to convince…


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