[REVIEW] Luxotic BF, the stay-at-home bottom feeder set-up

 [REVIEW] Luxotic BF, the stay-at-home bottom feeder set-up


The Luxotic BF by Wismec is a compact bottom-feeder set-up. This type of device provides the benefits of a dripper without the need to apply juice to the wick constantly. The bottom feeder functions with a refillable squeezer bottle containing e-liquid, linked to the dripper via a feeder tube through a hole in the 510 pin. The user only needs to squeeze the bottle to feed e-liquid into the tank to soak the cotton. Another advantage of the botton feeder: if you pump too much liquid into the tank, the excess is sucked back into the bottle as it expands.


A mechanical box unit with short-circuit protection

There is no screen on the Luxotic. Nor is there a USB port. The device features a small, discreet LED, however. It is located behind the firing button.

The Luxotic is indeed a mechanical mod, but features a protective curcuit. The device does not feature variable wattage, the box is in all aspects identical to a classic mechanical mod. Except, without the risk. No surprises on this front, conductivity is clean and the box does its job admirably.

luxoticVaping is pleasant on the Luxotic BF, and the design is has a lot to do with it. Comfortable in hand and featuring a unique style, the device stands out from the crowd. Unfortunately, a few finishing aspects do it disservice. The cover magnet, for example, often sticks to the box rather than the cover slot. Another negative point is the grille on the bottom, which protects the feeder bottle. Users will have to be careful not to lose it.

The Luxotic BF is very well designed in terms of vaping quality, comfortable to hold, and with a unique design. However, its flaws become obvious with use, a sense of limited options and a fragile overall feel. At under 40€, this innovative drip atomizer remains very affordable, and does its job as a bottom feeder set-up, however it appears better geared for use at home rather than on the go.


Technical specifications

  • Produced by Wismec, designed by Jaybo
  • Connections: Spring-mounted 510 BF
  • Dimensions: 77 x 43 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Bottom Feeder
  • Max output: 100 W
  • USB Charging: no
  • Minimum resistance: 0,08 ohm
  • Battery size: 18650
  • Number of batteries: 1
  • A mechanical box unit with short-circuit protection
  • Mono-coil dripper with Ultem top cap
  • Ultem Drip tip


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