Massive recall of Vuse Vibe batteries

 Massive recall of Vuse Vibe batteries

Reynolds has just recalled over 2 million batteries for their popular e-cigarette model. Possibly defective, these batteries present a very real fire hazard. While no incidents have been raised for the moment, the company is playing it safe. This is the first recall of this magnitude for a vaping product.

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Reynolds is a subsidiary of Reynolds American Inc., a company belonging to the British American Tobacco group. The company has just issued a statement asking customers to return all Vuse Vibe batteries. It appears the batteries have a defective component that could lead to overheating of the device, which could cause the battery to degas.

There have already been ten complaints regarding the defective batteries. No fires have yet been reported, however. To avoid the risk of any accident, Reynolds chose to recall the roughly 2.6 million units.


A serious warning for all vaping enthusiasts

Despite the seriousness of the situation, the company is downplaying the severity of the risk. They issued a statement that the recall only concerned one part of the Vuse Vibe device. The battery in question was designed in 2016. Additional tests are required to determine the cause of the overheating issue.

The recall of the Vuse Vibe batteries was decided by the company as a safety precaution. This decision was approved by the FDA, to avoid potential fire hazards. The problem is not being taken lightly by authorities. Lawsuits are currently in progress targetting Amazon, LG Electronics, and KMG-Imports for accidents of this type.

Reynolds will be sending pre-paid envelopes to customers for the recall. Owners will need to remove the tank and extract the battery from the unit to send it back to the manufacturer. For owners of the popular Vuse Vibe, their device will be out of order until they receive a replacement battery.


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