United-Kingdom: an e-juice company goes public

 United-Kingdom: an e-juice company goes public

The vape market is thriving in the UK. A new example of this has come to light with Supreme, an e-juice manufacturer soon to be listed on the stock market. This major English company will be the first of its kind to be listed on the London stock exchange.


Supreme was founded in 1975 and quickly cornered the battery market.  Partnerships with big manufacturers such as Duracell or Panasonic helped the company rise above the competition. They became a leading supplier for British businesses.

In the past few years, the company chose to position itself on the e-cigarette market. To do this, they bought up two smaller companies, KiK and 88vape. Today, Supreme produces 140 000 e-liquid bottles every day in its Manchester factory. They are among the leading British companies in vaping products.


First vaping company to hit the stock market

publicSandy Chadha, the CEO of the company, announced the company’s public listing for late May 2018. The company will at this point be valued at 150 million pound sterling. This is a first for a company specialised in electronic cigarettes.

Symbolically, the presence of such a brand in the financial markets proves that the UK is ahead of the game in the e-cig sector. There are approximately 3 million vapers in the country, with rising sales figures every year. Officially recognized as a nicotine substitute product, the sector has strong credibility compared to other European countries.

In the coming years, the UK could see a boom in the vaping industry. Currently, electronic cigarettes represent a one billion pound market, but experts estimate that this could double by 2020. This appearance on the stock markets make Supreme the uncontested leader of the sector in Great Britain.


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