Trying aromatherapy by vaping e-liquids with hops

 Trying aromatherapy by vaping e-liquids with hops

There are an almost unlimited amount of e-liquid options out there. Among the little known available flavors are hops. Known for giving beer its flavor, they also have plenty of other benefits, and the hops flavor is definitely an e-liquid worth tasting.


Hops are known in particular for their aromatherapy benefits. The aromatic compounds of the plant can be used for medical purposes.  Hops are also rich in antioxydants that help detoxify the body, and have anti-ageing properties.

When vaporized, hops have a pleasant sedative effect. They exude a sweet, slightly spicy fragrance and are a good e-liquid choice to mix with other flavors. The plant’s anti-inflammatory properties can also slow down the progression of leprosy!

The benefits of vaping hops

Because of the plant’s chemical makeup, e-liquids with hops provide numerous health benefits. In terms of aromatherapy, hops are regularly used to help treat skin inflammations and rashes. Beauty products, notably shampoo, also often use the plant.

Hops also have anti-inflammatory benefits. When inhaled with an e-cigarette, vapor from hops can help relieve muscular pain. Hops e-liquids are useful in fighting headaches and toothaches. Smoking e-liquids with hops is also recommended to fight insomnia.

The numerous health benefits of vaping hops make it an attractive e-liquid option. Of course, it’s not a miracle product and their numerous health benefits must not be confused for medical solutions.


Jean-Pascal est le scientifique de l'équipe BlogVape. Ancien journaliste médical, il a trouvé dans la vape un moyen d'arrêter de fumer qu'il souhaite désormais transmettre.

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