Sample Sticks could revolutionise the vaping industry

 Sample Sticks could revolutionise the vaping industry

Testing e-liquids in a vape shop isn’t always the easiest process. You need assistance from a salesperson, who needs to have a sample ready for testing. A brand new product could change things up. “Sample Sticks” could have a grand future in specialised e-cigarette shops, and for online sales too.

sample sticksSample Sticks are a recent creation, patented by American juice manufacturer Mt Baker Vapor. They come in the shape of small plastic sticks. The tip is dipped in an edible gel that carries the flavour of a given e-liquid. Rather than testing by vaping on a sample device, one only needs to eat the specially-designed gel to sample the flavour in all its glory!

Simple and fun to use, the concept could soon be a staple of vape shops. Sample Sticks are practical and user-friendly for customers. They also represent a cost-saving measure for manufacturers, compared to the usual samples.

sample stick

Cheap and with lighter regulations

A great deal of research went into designing Sample Sticks. One major advantage is that they are light, which will allow for significant savings in delivery costs. E-liquid manufacturers have every reason to adopt this new system, and consumers will benefit too.

This represents a wholly new way of trying out e-liquids without having to go through the whole vaping process. Depending on local legislation, this could be a major advantage, as edible product regulation is comparatively crystal clear. Another regulatory advantage of Sample Sticks, is that they are not considered vaping products. They contain no nicotine and so import-export operations are a great deal easier.

For these reasons and more, Sample Sticks are likely to become a standard in the e-liquid market. Mt Baker Vapor shops have been testing them for the past six months in the USA. Unsirprisingly, the revolutionary sampling method was welcomed with open arms by vaping enthusiasts visiting these shops. It’s looking like users worldwide will soon be finding Sample Sticks in their favourite vape shop.


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