Thailand is continuing its war against vaping

 Thailand is continuing its war against vaping

In the past year, vapers have become increasingly worried about the anti-vaping legislation adopted in Thailand. Indeed, even more aggressive anti-vaping policies have recently been put into place. In 2018, it appears that the situation is only getting worse, with more arrests and prison sentences being given to those possessing or selling e-cigarettes.

Tourists have been warned against vaping in Thailand. The government has showed itself to be extremely hostile towards electronic cigarettes. Of course, traditional cigarettes are not affected by these restrictions. Visitors are strongly advised not to enter the country with vaping devices or e-liquids. The police may confiscate vaping products, and being caught with a device can carry heavy penalties, which include large fines and prison sentences ranging from 5 to 10 years! Importing electronic cigarettes or e-liquid refills is also prohibited.


A reinforced anti-vaping policy

Thailand continues to reinforce its stringent anti-vaping policies. In the last few weeks, three arrests related to electronic cigarettes have made the news. Amongst them were Dang Chauysod, a 67-year-old great grandmother who was arrested by the anti-drug squad for selling e-liquids. She now faces a long prison sentence.

thailandAnother 37-year-old woman, Sonklin Janmamuang, has also been accused of violating the ban on vaping products. She was found in possession of fifty electronic cigarettes and two hundred refills. She risks up to ten years in prison.

The anti-vaping policies in Thailand should not be taken lightly. Tourists are not immune from fines or prison sentences, so next time you go to Thailand, make sure you don’t bring any vaping products!


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