A man arrested with 3000 pods of THC e-liquid

 A man arrested with 3000 pods of THC e-liquid

It was in Gloucester county in New Jersey that police came across an individual driving with over 3,000 vaping cartridges in the trunk, allegedly destined for e-cigarettes. Agents were surprised to discover the vials contained a special kind of liquid, and at a concentration that defies the imagination! It was in fact cannabis oil with a tetrahydracannabinol (THC) concentration of 88%. THC is not to be confused with CBD.

This particular drug is slowly making its way into the electronic cigarette world. THC has a calming effect, and many appreciate it, but these concentration levels can actually be toxic. Captain Brendan Barton, with the Gloucester County police department, made a statement to Fox 29 that conventional marijuana is limited to 12 to 18 % THC.


Marijuana e-liquid that target the young

The driver of the vehicle, Mahdi El-Abed, aged 23 and a resident of Maryland, was accompanied by two other men. After running a red light on May 21st, he was stopped by police who then found the vape cartridges. El-Abed had already had trouble with police for drug-related charges, according to Fox 29.

Cloucester County PD Captain Brendan Barton stated that “the problem with vaping marijuana is that it cannot be detected by smell”. Furthermore, these psychoactive e-liquids can have sweet flavours that children are drawn to them: mango, peach, strawberry, etc.

In school settings, those in charge have no way of knowing if the kids in their classrooms are vaping highly-concentrated THC juices. Timber Creek High School superintendent Kasha Giddis also added, at a recent press conference, that she had only noticed a student was vaping when a pleasant pineapple scent filled the classroom. With such rich flavours, there is no way to detect the contents of the e-liquid for THC.


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