2018’s “Best Director” award goes to “The Vaping Not Dead”

 2018’s “Best Director” award goes to “The Vaping Not Dead”

The third edition of the “Global Forum of Nicotine” film festival in Warsaw gave the “Best Director” award to the film “The Vaping Not Dead” on June 15. This short-film, which was presented as a pre-release, was enthusiastically received by festivalgoers, who applauded the film’s originality and pro-vaping theme.


The project’s creator, Dominique Aubert, travelled with his entire team to accept the award, and the French director hopes that this prize will lead to more publicity for electronic cigarettes.  Aubert is also president of “The Vaping Channel”, a program dedicated to promoting electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.

Various vaping stores other specialist shops helped finance the film. Certain brands even donated a percentage of their profits from specially designed products for the event. Private citizens interested in fighting Big Tobacco also helped finance the project.

A very successful parody that defends the freedom to vape

In the film, which lasts 8 minutes, Dominique Aubert criticizes the Big Tobacco lobby. More broadly, the film pokes fun at everyone who opposes electronic cigarettes. In order to reach a younger audience, Aubert also took inspiration from the American series, “The Walking Dead.”

The world-famous American television show recounts humanity’s fight against zombies in a post-apocalyptic universe. With style and humour, the French filmmaker has adapted the American story to narrate the story of vapers fighting against those who oppose the e-cigarette.Critics at the “Global Forum of Nicotine” in Warsaw were particularly impressed with the film’s mise en scène.  

The poster for the short-film has already been revealed and will be accessible to the general public by the beginning of July. For further updates on this new short film, check out the Facebook page.


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