Amber Rose, the new face of luxury vaping

 Amber Rose, the new face of luxury vaping


While e-cigs have become democratized, some are branded as luxury products. Among these are the models branded by Kanye West, DJ Khaled or Fat Joe who all launched e-cigarette devices in collaboration with KandyPens. The brand has managed to stay ahead of the pack for a number of years now by relying on celebrity endorsements. Building on savvy community management, marketing their products via photos on social media, KandyPens have forged a solid reputation.

Amber Rose, American actress and fashion model, is now launching into this growing market. The artist has recently launched a range of luxury electronic cigarettes, in collaboration with KandyPens. The former smoker wanted to show her support in the fight against tobacco, promoting the device with an elegant flair.

amber rose

When vaping rhymes with luxury

The light pink and gold touches on Amber Rose vape-pens is expected to appeal to women in particular. Of course, first you need to be able to afford one, as they are priced at $148. At this price, the vape-pens will not be for every budget, whatever the star may say about it.

amber rose

Promoting this luxury vaping brand, according to Amber Rose, is a question of promoting equality. Amber’s ambition is to propose a unisex device, but many agree that the models are more geared for the fairer sex.

Amber Rose is relying on her her girly, extravagant brand image to promote the range, which fits the part. A golden leather carry-case delivered with the e-cig completes the package.

With this new marketing campaign, Amber Rose is expected to make some significant sales in trendy, upper crust circles. The advertising campaign is already on the way, offering vaping enthusiasts a touch of summer all year round.


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