Vaffle, the new social network for vaping enthusiasts

 Vaffle, the new social network for vaping enthusiasts

vaffleVaping enthusiasts are growing in numbers across the globe. At this point, all they needed was a platform to get together and build the community, and a new application called Vaffle is here to the rescue! The idea is to get vapers from all around the world to communicate easily and share their passion for all things vape.

vaffleVaffle is an all new social network dedicated to electronic cigarette users. Currently it is available on Google Play and the App Store in three languages (English, Russian, Indonesian). Vaffle is designed to give vaping enthusiasts a user-friendly system to share their experiences quickly and easily.

Both amateurs and professionals can now gather and exchange on this specialised platform. Vaffle will give you leads to find information on a huge range of products, including reviews of atomisers and e-liquids. Videos by vaping experts are also published frequently on the network. While it has only just begun, Vaffle may become a central digital tool for e-cig users.


Many functions designed specifically for vapers

vaffleVaffle already boasts a range of functions. Users can indicate their favourite e-cig model, and promote the products they like best. Sharing solutions exist to relay publications among members of the community. A member search tool will also be accessible, to help you find old and new friends.

With this application, e-cig users can transfer messages and chat with each other freely. For each publication (photo or video), there is a comment section with a limit of 800 characters. All of these functions make Vaffle a fully-fledged social network with the potential to become a hub for a growing international community of e-cig enthusiasts.

The potential is huge, and those who love vaping would do well to keep an eye on Vaffle’s development. The platform is improved regularly to help meet the needs of users. Time will tell if the application becomes available in French, to win over the country’s many vaping enthusiasts.



Jeremie est journaliste vape depuis plus de 7 ans dans la presse papier et en ligne. Toujours à l’affût des tendances, il a déjà testé des centaines de matériels.

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