Australia: Vaping banned in public spaces

australiaAdopted in France on October 1st, 2017, the ban on smoking in public spaces is now in effect in Australia. The state of New South Wales has just restricted the use of vaping devices in official buildings (workplaces, schools, etc.).

The Australian government will not be forgiving to anyone found breaking these rules. In case of infraction, vaping enthusiasts risk a fine of 550 Australian dollars. Better wait until you get outside, then, to enjoy your relaxing vape break.


A hotly contested measure

australie brad hazzardPushed by Minister for Health Brad Hazzardthis new legal measure has led to some very unhappy e-cig users. Basing their arguments on scientific studies, The New Nicotine Alliance is working hard to defend this new legal framework.

The NNA is also working to better highlight the distinction between second-hand smoking and second-hand vaping. Indeed, second-hand vaping has no proven effect on the health of people near someone vaping. A recent study also proved that the quantity of smoke emitted by a cigarette15 times higher than the vapoud emitted by an e-cigarette.

The chairman of the Australian Tobacco Harm Reducton Association has declared he is against this latest anti-vaping measure. He has accused the Australian government of “excessive caution” which could be counter-productive. Australian authorities have chosen to ignore all studies pointing to the benefits of vaping.

Vapers regret that this alternative to cigarettes is so easily placed in the same category. As they do everything they can to quit smoking, they find themselves forced to obey the same rules as smokers.


Victoria est une amatrice passionnée de vape depuis les premiers mods mécaniques. Elle apporte à BlogVape son expertise juridique sur la vape en France et ailleurs.

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