Canada: anti-tobacco policies have a positive effect in New Brunswick

Internationally, anti-tobacco campaigns are multiplying in response to the health risks associated with smoking. These campaigns seem to be having a positive effect on reducing the number of smokers throughout the world.


The latest place to see such benefits is New Brunswick, Canada, which has seen impressive results. In fact, in 2017, in little over a year, close to 25% of smokers in New Brunswick quit smoking. This trend isn’t anything new in the region: in the last 15 years, the number of smokers has continued to decline.

This trend isn’t only limited to Canada, however. In fact, between 2006 and 2007 in New Zealand, the number of smokers dropped by 20%. More recently, statistics in France show that the number of smokers dropped by 9% in between 2016 and 2017. France is hoping to reduce the number of smokers by 17% by 2027.


Multiple reasons for the decline in smoking

Most countries cite the rise of the electronic cigarette as a major reason for the decline in smoking. Although the device still causes controversy, the health benefits are clear. However, in New Brunswick, authorities have a different explanation.

Among the primary causes cited for the decline in smoking is the rise in the price of cigarettes. This new policy, which is being adopted more and more by countries throughout the west, aims to reduce smoking across all social classes. In particular, the policy aims to discourage young people from smoking. New Brunswick also has a cigarette tax. The Canadian Cancer Society believes that increasing the price of cigarettes is the best way to reduce smoking, which of course also creates significant revenue for the Canadian government.

Smoking bans in public places, which began a few years ago, have also led to a decline in smoking. Although it took some time for smokers to be convinced, many have now adopted the strategy in their own homes, now preferring to smoke on the terrace.


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