A scientific journal refuses to put vaping & tobacco in the same category

 A scientific journal refuses to put vaping & tobacco in the same category

journalMarcus Munafo, editor and senior writer for Nicotine & Tobacco Research, a reputed science journal, refuses to assimilate vaping with tobacco products in journal articles. He explained that in many European countries, e-cigarettes are not considered to be in the same category as tobacco products.

He also indicated that assimilating electronic cigarettes with their analog counterparts was a “specifically american phenomenon”. This is due to the fact that in 2014, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided that electronic cigarettes would be classified as tobacco products.

He also stated that if products containing nicotine were systematically classified as tobacco products, nicotine substitute medication should be as well. This is obviously not the case.

Marcus Mufano decided that from now on he would refer to cigarettes and electronic cigarettes without any reference to product categories.. This should help the public distinguish between the two types of products, which are vastly different.


Great news for vape enthusiasts

This stance taken by the editor in chief of “Nicotine and Tobacco Research” is excellent news for vape enthusiasts. The classification of e-cigs as “tobacco products” can significantly tarnish the image of electronic cigarettes. This gives the impression that vaping is harmful to health.

Marcus Mufano made a wise decision that will help clean up the image of e-cigarettes in the public eye. This could encourage a great number of smokers wishing to switch to vaping and quit cigarettes. Until now, many could easily be led to think that switching from one tobacco product to another was essentially pointless. Let’s hope that Marcus Mufano’s position helps change the status quo.


Jean-Pascal est le scientifique de l'équipe BlogVape. Ancien journaliste médical, il a trouvé dans la vape un moyen d'arrêter de fumer qu'il souhaite désormais transmettre.

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