IECIE: The Shanghai eCig Expo

 IECIE: The Shanghai eCig Expo

iceieIf vaping has become a global phenomenon, and the IECIE has a lot to do with it. This massive expo dedicated to electronic cigarettes is the best place to learn about all the latest trends and technical innovations in electronig cigarettes. Hosted by some of the biggest cities in the world, for the first time the IECIE is going to Shanghai.

The Chinese megalopolis, a capital of new technology, is doing its part to bring vaping to the global public. Shanghai cannot afford to ignore the growing demand for innovative products in this most lucrative of markets. It is in this context that the IECIE Expo’s first “Vape Party”, organised by UBM Creativity, will be held from the 7th to the 9th of December, 2018.

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A “Vape Party” that holds many surprises

Expo visitors, be they professionals or simply vape enthusiasts, will be expected in the tens of thousands. The Chinese city is planning for a huge event, and will be dedicating 23 000 m² to the expo. The objective is to promote new products in this specialised market and help create or strengthen commercial relations around these products.

It appears Shanghai waited until the perfect time to host the IECIE expo. Until recently, retail sales for vaping products were limited in China. The city currently lists a hundred or so vape shops, compared to only 9 in 2015. Today, Chinese consumers prefer to pick up their e-cigs and consumables in shops, rather than purchasing them online.

Electronic cigarette vendors and professionals will be flocking to the Shanghai IECIE en masse this December. They hope to pick out the next best-selling vaping devices for their dedicated and rapidly expanding clientele. China seems to be following in the footsteps of its distant Western neighbours. Electronic cigarettes have already conquered the USA, as well as most European countries.

Designed as a smoking substitute product, these devices seem to meet the needs of consumers looking to adopt a more healthy lifestyle. A revolutionary product that brings new technologies to address a public health crisis, electronic cigarettes have much to offer the Chinese market.


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