USA: e-cigarette flavours at the centre of a major controversy

 USA: e-cigarette flavours at the centre of a major controversy

E-liquid flavours have recently become well known as an essential tool to help people wean themselves off of tobacco. The diverse flavors help smokers make the transition from tobacco to vaping by offering them ever-changing flavours. And yet, the rising popularity of e-liquid flavours has not changed the mind of the e-cigarette’s biggest detractors.

Amongst these detractors is Dick Durbin, an American senator who recently launched a campaign to ban e-liquid flavors. The senator contacted the FDA and accused e-cigarette flavours of inciting young people to vape. The supposed risk is that over time, teenagers will develop a taste for smoking.


Vaping seduces consumers just as much as it worries detractors

There are two sides to the debate surrounding e-cigarette flavors. In order to bring clarity to the debate, the FDA recently launched an ANPRM (Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking). The survey was proposed to thousands of e-cigarette users in hopes of understanding the impact of e-cigarette flavors and their opinion on vaping.

While defenders of the e-cigarette believe it to be the most effective tool in helping people quit smoking, Durbin strongly disagrees. According to him, the electronic cigarette is “the reinvention of tobacco addiction” and nothing more. His proposed legislation seeks to limit teenage access to e-cigarettes by banning attractive flavours.

The senator, who is immune to any study highlighting the benefits of vaping, has instead highlighted the alleged danger of vaping as a gateway drug, noting that few teenagers are attracted to tobacco flavours. He argues that teenagers are much more attracted to appealing flavours, flavors far removed from the taste of tobacco.

But Durbin can rest assured: the supposed link between e-cigarette flavours and traditional tobacco is a red herring, and his bill presents a legitimate danger to e-cigarette users who may return to smoking if e-cigarette flavors are banned.


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