Lung cancer rate amongst women smokers expected to explode by 2030

 Lung cancer rate amongst women smokers expected to explode by 2030

Sadly, a new study recently revealed that smoking continues to kill just as many people, and is starting to kill more and more women. Researchers at the universities of Catalogne, Porto, and Milan are predicting a 43% increase in lung cancer amongst women between now and 2030. In particular, this is expected to affect women in Europe and Oceania.

The study’s results were based on the WHO database, which includes information on smokers from 52 countries throughout the world. The data shows that the highest mortality rates will take place in Europe, Oceania, Asia and the Americas. Countries with the highest projected cancer rates are also those with the highest GDP.

Doctor José Martinez-Sánchez has pointed out that in both Europe and Oceania, women have begun to smoke regularly. Indeed, on these two continents, it is now “socially acceptable for women to smoke,” a trend that has also spread to Asia and the Americas.


Focusing on prevention

Conversely, the breast cancer rate is expected to go down at the same time that lung cancer rates go up. This is thanks to more and more effective screening programs and advanced treatments. Hopefully, the rise of the electronic cigarette may improve the study’s alarming predictions.

The best way to reduce the rate of lung cancer is prevention. Consequently, it is important that people refrain from smoking altogether. Unfortunately, as anti-tobacco laws become more strict, tobacco lobbies have started to focus on the developing world. The tobacco-related mortality rate is thus expected to go up, and José Martinez-Sánchez expects lung cancer rates to rise globally, unless measures to reduce tobacco consumption are not put in place.


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